Great Forest National Park

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The tallest flowering trees on Earth grow east of Melbourne. In their high canopies dwell owls, gliders and the tiny Leadbeater's (or Fairy) Possum, Victoria's precious and endangered animal emblem.

These wet forests flourish along the Great Divide due to plentiful rainfall. They provide most of Melbourne's high-quality drinking water. They are among the most carbon-dense forests on Earth due to the relatively cool climate and rapid growth.

The Great Forest National Park proposal is a vision for a multi-tiered parks system for bush lovers and users. A Park system that protects and maintains important ecosystem functions critical for our way of life. 

The proposed Park stretches from Kinglake through to the Baw Baws, and north-east up to Eildon and will host a range of activities such as bike riding, bushwalking, bird watching, 4WD driving, camping, zip line tours and more.

The Great Forests Park will be an investment for the long-term because it will secure Melbourne's domestic water supply catchments, a suite of new economic opportunities for the region will roll-out, and the state's animal emblem, the Leadbeater's Possum will be brought back from the brink of extinction.

Be part of the conversation about a biodiversity and carbon bank for Melbourne in the Central Highlands of Victoria.

Hear Professor David Lindenmayer (Australian National University) describe the big tree crisis in our Mountain Ash forests and management prescriptions he proposes to help rebuild our great forests. 

Development of the current Great Forests Park draft plan will also be explained and discussed with an expert panel.

Presented by: MyEnvironment, Healesville Environment Watch Inc, Warburton Environment, Friends of Leadbeater’s Possum and the Wilderness Society Victoria Inc.

Podcast can be heard here: 

Leadbeater's Possums Discovered

Gun Barrel Leadbeater's Possum

A tiny family of critically endangered Leadbeater’s Possum have been captured on camera on the edge of a VicForests logging operation in the contested Toolangi logging zone.

The court case is underway to protect three critical habitat area’s in Toolangi, from being logged. One of the site camera's has produced 10,600 photo’s showing several Leadbeater’s (fairy) possums making a nest in a collapsing tree on the edge of the partially logged ‘Gun Barrel’ coupe.

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Submission into the National Scientific Advisory up-listing of Leadbeater's Possum 


  MyEnvironment's submission can be downloaded here

Seashepherd Support the Great Forest National Park

Last year members of MyEnvironment were invited for dinner aboard the Steve Irwin to meet and greet the Sea Shepherd crew and exchange stories about our respective challenges. We discussed how the largest tree's on the planet and the largest mammals on earth suffered similar fates and that this work to protect these global values was being left to the people to generate the change. 

The Sea Shepherd are currently racing around the southern polar region to stave off the deaths of many whales from a determined fleet of Japanese whaling boats. The MyEnvironment team and the forest crew from the Little Red Tree House in Toolangi's forests are continuing our work to draw attention to the logging of the Ash forests for the Japanese conglomerate Nippon and their Reflex paper product.

There is only 1% old growth ash forest left living in the Central Highlands after 100 years of intensive logging and fire and time is running out to bring change to policy. The policy of logging these forests we recently discovered, through out trial, can legally send our most endangered animals to extinction, like that of the the Leadbeater's Possum.

The government of Australia, in particular Minister Greg Hunt, could change all of this but his refusal to engage on whale and shark protection and forest protection needs to be raised by people like you and I.

Follow this link and write to Minister Hunt that; it's time to act on the protection of the forests of the Central Highlands in his capacity as the National Minister for Environment. That sending Leadbeater's Possum to extinction is NOT 'sustainable' and that he needs to work with the Victorian Minister for Environment Ryan Smith to exit all native forest logging from the Great Forest National Park boundary area immediately. The time for change is now. The pulp needs of Japan's Nippon Paper can be met by our enormous plantation resource in Victoria, the only thing stopping it is political cronyism.

The Story behind Reflex Copy Paper

The ABC aired an important documentary by Nicole Steinke that explores the meaning of paper. That seemingly innocuous white sheet of Reflex paper that you feed into your copier is rich in history and cultural significance. The documentary describes that the paper wars are far from over in Australia and as indigenous voices, locals and wildlife specialists will testify, Reflex paper should not be the first choice for paper if you're looking for problem-free sheet of white fibre.

"Much of the world's vast supplies of paper, however, are not from recycled sources. Conflicts arise around the globe overwhere paper manufacturers source the trees that become the woodchip that becomes the pulp that becomes the fluff that finally becomes our fine white office paper. A much higher-grade office paper can be made from eucalypts such as the giant mountain ash of the Victorian Central Highlands than from pine trees. Conflict then erupts over the use of these native trees for such a cheap, ephemeral product as copy paper. Arguments about sustainable forestry, effects on water catchments and the potential loss of the Victorian state fauna emblem—the Leadbeater's Possum—due to over-logging have divided communities. It wasn't that long ago that the then Victorian Premier was recorded calling local protesters trying to protect the mountain ash forests 'terrorists'."

Listen to the story here


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