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About Us


Talks in the forests


Our Vision is a hub for the latest information on community projects, science, environmental philanthropy, environmental law and green design in Australia.

We bring not for profit charities, people and ideas together for the conservation of Australia’s natural places through science, law, design and the community.

Groups represented on this site are volunteer based organisations made up of innovative metropolitan and regional members. 

We encourage you to use this site to understand environmental issues in more detail.



MyEnvironment Inc


  • We won an important habitat range for the Leadbeaters Possum in the Royston Range.
  • We prevented more than 20 kilometres of the South Face Road from incising critical habitat for the Leadbeaters Possum and Baw Baw Frog.
  • We won 5000 hectares of Baw Baw Frog habitat - scheduled for logging for Reflex copy paper.
  • We prevented a 120 hectare coupe from being cut behind the Uniting Church in Marysville.
  • We brought to government attention many breaches by VicForests, problems with management and unlawful logging activity.
  • More recently we have stalled the logging of Mt St Leonard, Cement Creek catchment and critical unburnt areas in Toolangi.
  • We have taken VicForests to the Supreme court over logging of endangered species habitat.

Sarah Rees

Beneath a giant killed by logging


A small group of Yarra Ranges and Murrindindi residents banded together in 1998 to defend Lady Talbot Drive in Marysville from logging oppositie the falls. We won.

We then worked to protect areas in the Upper Taggerty catchment. However we were not successful and now this catchment is badly damaged by fire and logging.

Don Butcher Sarah Rees

Losing Marysville's local values and environment to woodchipping was very sad, especially as the region is now recovering from major wildlires.

Huge swathes of the Central Highlands forests and rivers were being destroyed by VicForests and our campaign grew to achieve small but important successes in the conservation of threatened species.


Chris Trent

But this fight has many more trees to save.

Currently we are working with certification bodies to establish important forestry standards in Australia.

We have teams surveying critical habitat for Leadbeaters Possum, Barred Galaxias and the Owls and trying to develop solid cases for DSE to protect remnant, unburnt forest.


We are writing submissions, meeting with industry leaders, scientists and educating the community on the values of our multi-aged, biodiverse forests.

We don't broadcast who we are, we are simply residents and caring people.


Talks in the forests

Many leading members in our organisation are professionals who donate their skills to save our majestic forests.

We are here for one purpose; to save the forests.

Our Team

We are a charity with 100% unpaid volunteers and no government funding.


To contact our offices:

Office phone (03) 8370 9007

Director: Sarah Rees

Mobile 0438 368 870

PO Box 519 Healesville, 3777

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Flora and Fauna Research Collective

The Fauna and Flora Research Collective Inc. (FFRC) is an independent volunteer not-for-profit research collective engaged primarily in surveying for and reporting on the presence of threatened species and communities within Victoria’s public forests that are subject to logging. The primary focus of our research attends to the provisions within current legislation that aim to provide some protection for some of Victoria’s most threatened flora, fauna and ecological communities.

Help survey the forests today.
 Please feel free to contact us at this address for further information.

 The FFRC is a volunteer organisation continually requiring funds and resources to cover the costs involved in surveying and reporting on Victoria’s threatened species.


FFRC bank details:
 Name:         Fauna and Flora Research Collective
 BSB:         633-000 (Bendigo Bank)
 Account No.:  149780660

Measuring Trees


East Gippsland Environment Inc

About Us

Environment East Gippsland Inc. is the longest running community forest group working solely for the protection of Victoria's last and largest area of ancient forest and surrounding natural environment.

EEG has been working to protect East Gippsland's natural areas and wildlife for almost 30 years. As a locally based group we play a vital role in information gathering on the local logging industry and badgering our 'forest managers'.

We also network closely with both regional, state and national environment groups, feeding vital information as far and effectively as possible.

History of EEG

Environment East Gippsland:

  • began in 1982 in response to a proposal to build a large pulpmill in Orbost (it would have required over 1 million tonnes of wood a year)
  • has a membership of over 400 and a supporters base of over 700
  • is a non-profit group which operates on donations and memberships only. It is run by volunteers (membership is $15 concession and $20 waged)
  • has an annual operating budget of about $12,000.

Our Objectives

Environment East Gippsland aims to:

  • promote conservation values and environmental awareness about East Gippsland
  • promote sustainability in environmental, economic and social terms
  • make representation to Government re land use and management
  • undertake research relevant to the above
  • adhere to and promote principles of non-violence
  • Cooperate with other groups having similar objectives.

What We Do

  • We began by writing letters to government ministers, writing submissions and dealing with government departments and processes. We realised that many of these processes were set up to legitimise what the government intended to do anyway. Public opinion was often held in contempt but the government had to be seen to be 'consulting'. There was a disproportionate amount of valuable time spent 'playing nice' in these processes compared to the often poor and predictable outcomes.
  • We now focus more on exposing things like mismanagement, economic insanity of logging, the woodchip 'mafia', climate links and so on.
  • We liaises closely with larger state and national groups such as TWS, EV, ACF.
  • We carry out wildlife surveys to identify threatened species in areas due for clearfelling.
  • we do on-ground work assessing logged coupes, analysing local information, showing up inconsistencies, documenting breaches of environmental codes etc.
  • We campaign to make the logging industry truly sustainable which to a large degree involves a shift into existing plantations.
  • We help in the wider campaigns of company boycotts.
  • We are involved in legal challenges when funds permit.
  • We constantly challenge the government and logging/woodchip industry to come clean.
  • We hold an annual Easter Forests Forever Ecology camp which attracts over 100 people. Botanists, ecologists and conservationists lead walks and discussions about natural history and the threats to our forests.
  • We publish a highly regarded, no-holds barred, satirical and clearly spoken 12-16 page newsletter covering issues relevant to East Gippsland's environment and wider forest related stories.
  • We assist where possible with blockades of controversial areas, by doing such things as sending out media releases, talking to journalists, speaking on radio etc.

Environment East Gippsland is unique in that it does not rely on government funding to pay for staff, rent, phones etc. So we don't have to worry about biting the hand that feeds us. We are regional but are big enough and well organised enough to have a significant influence on the forest debate.

Due to this our independence and professionalism, we're able to target government with more gusto than many mainstream groups who rely on funding from governments.

We are neither 'feral' nor super-professional. We are local people rather than city-based giving us the ability to carry out work city groups are not able to; speaking with foresters, hearing the local ‘goss’ about the industry, being able to document evidence of environmental breaches and so on. We can then feed this onto larger groups who have a better ability to gain media attention on forest issues.

Contact Details

Email us at Write to:
 Locked Bag 3
 ORBOST Vic 3888

Phone (03) 5154 0145


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