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Letter Writing

One of the biggest impacts you can make is to write a letter or email to politicians about these and other issues.

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What’s the point in writing letters or emails?

One of the biggest impacts you can make is to write a letter or email about these and other issues.

Politicians cannot take action unless people are letting them know what the issues are. Editors won’t print articles unless they think the public are interested in the topic. Every letter or email makes a difference.

How do I get started?

1. Decide on a topic

2. Do research

3. Collect evidence

4. Have meetings with your local MP’s (x3) to discuss your concerns and get their feedback

5. Write letters to Government and Opposition

6. Also write letters to Vicforests, Department of Sustainability and Environment, Environment Protection Authority or other government bodies where appropriate

7. Expect a standard response, so try to counteract it in the first place

8. Challenge the standard response with your local MP’s

Who should I send letters and emails to?

1. All three local members of parliament

House of Representatives contact look up page 

2. The State leader and environment minister and their opposition

 Leader Ted Baillieu: 
 Office of the Leader of the Opposition -
 Level 4, 157 Spring St, Melbourne 3000
 Tel: 9651 8512
 Fax: 9651 8426

3. Your local newspaper


Weekly Times 

4. Victorian newspapers

Herald Sun 

The Age 

5. National or international newspapers


 The website helps you to send a letter to any editor at any newspaper anywhere in the world