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Open Letter: Post Keystone Win, Time to End Natural Forest Logging

Dr. Glen Barry, Ecointernet, Saturday 17th November 2015

An open letter/essay addressed to climate change luminaries Bill McKibben of and Michael Brune of the Sierra Club: 

Biodiversity plan to lock up land

The AGE - Adam Morton  October 27, 2010

AN AREA equivalent to nearly 8 per cent of the continent should be added to Australia's conservation zones over the next five years to help preserve biodiversity, according to a national strategy to be released today. Read More

It's time to choose between Leadbeater's possum and timber

Steve Meacher for ABC Environment, Sunday 25th August

Unfortunately for the tiny, critically endangered Leadbeater's possum, its home is where the logging industry's preferred timber grows. On the edge of extinction, it's time for Victorians to choose between the possum and timber.

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The possum or the timber industry

Rachel Carbonell for ABC Radio, Saturday 23rd August 2015

Victoria's state emblem, the Leadbeater's possum, is one of the most critically endangered animals in Australia. Fire and logging have decimated its habitat, causing Leadbeater's numbers to plummet. A fierce and secretive political debate is now raging over whether the possum and the industry can both survive, or if one has to go. Rachel Carbonell has been on the trail of the possum and the people with the power to save it.

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Victorian Government thanks conservationists for exposing "disturbing" logging practices by fining them

Thom Mitchell for, Monday 10th August 2015

Conservationists says the government is trying to hush them after exposing dodgy practices. Thom Mitchell reports

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A Science Story: Forest fairies

Andrew Katsis for Lateral Mag, Monday 3rd August 2015

On Easter Monday 1961 a tiny possum was brought back from the dead. Today, politics and natural disaster have joined forces to seal it's demise once and for all

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Tree Talk for Mountain Monthly, August 2015

Tree Talk for Mountain Monthly, August 2015

Regular readers of Mountain Monthly will know that when Leadbeater’s Possum was upgraded to Critically endangered in April the federal government’s Threatened Species Scientific Committee (TSSC) also called for a cessation of logging in its forest habitat. Murrindindi Shire Council followed up with a motion calling for an end to logging within the shire.

Australia's 'dirtiest' power station considers 'clean energy' biomass burning option

Sara Phillips and Gregg Borschmann for The ABC, Thursday 23rd July 2015

With recent changes to the renewable energy target, the burning of native forest wood waste can once again earn credits for generating clean energy, but there's dispute about whether burning native forest waste for energy is 'carbon neutral'. Background Briefing reports.

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Victorian environment department to remove ambiguity from logging definitions after VicForests cleared of logging near Bendoc State Forest

By Elise Kinsella for the ABC, Monday 27th July 2015

The Victorian Department of Environment, Land Water and Planning will change logging regulations after clearing VicForests of illegal logging in East Gippsland.

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Native forests can help hit emissions targets – if we leave them alone

David Lyndenmayer and Brendan Mackey for The Conversation, Wednesday 22nd July 2015

The debate over native forest logging has been sparked once again, partly by the government’s successful push for wood burning to be included in the revamped Renewable Energy Target.

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