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Media on Toolangi Coupes


Television coverage of South Col and Gun Barrel coupes

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Channel 9

0:49 Louise Asher - Acting Premier of Victoria  "Vicforests has done a lot of rigorous work to make sure that these are not old growth forests and to claim other wise is being deceptive"

1:00 Commentator Justine Mckenzie -  The paper manufacturers (Australian Paper) who plan to turn the woodchips into paper assure the same

1:06 Sean Scullan (Australian Paper) - an area will be set aside around the area where they find the habitat trees, for instance in the case of Leadbeater’s Posusm, and they are excluded from logging.

Channel 10

3:07 Nathan Trushell (Acting CEO VicForests) "We also undertake detailed site specific surveys prior to harvest to make sure that things like rare and threatened  species are not present at the site"

3:30  Commentator "Woodchip buyers Australian Paper say that they can not afford alternatives."

ABC News

5:09 Nathan Trushell (Acting CEO VicForests) "The areas that we are harvesting have undergone a detailed overall forest management planning process.  We also undertake detailed site specific surveys prior to harvest."