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Fauna South Assessment Report

Logging Old Growth - LBP habitat

This report was generated by 60 scientists flown in from the USA to help Victoria manage the worst ecological disaster in living memory. MyEnvironment Inc. were leaked a number of the contributing reports to the main BAER reports. This one discusses the range of threats to the the threatened fauna post fires. This report highlights that logging allocations must be reviewed due to massive decreases in habitat resource (recc. 5) It has been ignored. TRP link below.

TRP - DSE/VicForests

Leading scientists have said that this will commit the Sooty Owl, Barred Galaxias and Leadbeaters Possum to extinction as early as 2030.

Logging in low-intensity burned forest Toolangi

Logging Threatened Species Habitat

These reports were never provided to the public despite their enormous costs. MyEnvironment Inc. requested this information be integrated into future forest management as part of the Timber ammendment 2010, our request was ignored as we were informed these reports did NOT exist.