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Flora South Assessment report -BAER

Weed - Royston/Torbrek

This report was generated by 60 scientists flown in from the USA to help Victoria manage the worst ecological disaster in living memory. MyEnvironment Inc. were leaked a number of the contributing reports to the main BAER reports. This one discusses the range of impacts on rainforests, especially by dozer lines and firebreaks, the increased threat of Myrtle Wilt due to damage from dozers.

The report recommends 'wash downs' of any machinery operating in the forests were disturbance has taken place to prevent Cinnamon Fungus and myrtle wild from spreading - We have not seen a logging operation undertake this action! Nor any evidence that this is taking place.

Spot spraying was recommended by BAER in ecologically sensitive area's. This looks like it has been ignored as DSE are using a broad spraying units causing spray drift in closed water catchments like the O'Shanassy. This action is killing surviving ferns and the epicormic shooting of fire damaged old-growth tree's. 

TRP - DSE/VicForests