Alleged and actual breaches by VicForests, DSE and Logging Contractors in Victoria

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Stakeholder Engagement

MyEnvironment Inc together with other local groups and community members have submitted concerns about logging to VicForest’s  via the annual Timber Release Planning (TRP) process.  Meaningful stakeholder engagement is part of the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) requirements – a certification that allows VicForests and its customers to make claims of sustainability.  After receiving formal complaints about VicForests consultation process their auditor SAI Global conducted  a special audit and found  that VicForests stakeholder consultation process is “very satisfactory" and said that "VicForests put considerable time and resources into managing complaints”.  In a recent survey at a community meeting in Toolangi  however, of the 42 people who had formally submitted concerns none of them were satisfied with the consultation process nor felt that their concerns had been considered in the planning process.

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Loggers get free range of possums' habitats to harvest timber in Victoria's central highlands

Norrie Ross 
From:  Herald Sun 
March 14, 2012

ENVIRONMENTALISTS have lost the battle to save the habitat of the endangered leadbeater's possum in the central highlands of Victoria.

In the Supreme Court this afternoon Justice Robert Osborn refused to grant permanent orders that would restrain loggers from harvesting timber in three coupes, Gun Barrel, Freddo and South Col, northeast of Toolangi.

But Justice Osborn also called for an urgent review of the reserve system that is supposed to protect the leadbeater’s possum habitat within the central highlands forest management area.

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VicForests faces court

Adam Morton

The Age - January 31, 2012

CLAIMS that Victoria's state-owned timber agency illegally logged a protected rainforest area in the state's far east will be tested at a Supreme Court trial.

Conservation group Environment East Gippsland has accused VicForests of logging a rainforest area of significance near the Errinundra Plateau.

VicForests says the map of protected area relied on by Environment East Gippsland is incorrect.

The timber agency has given an undertaking there will be no further logging in the area before the trial starting on April 10.

A trial over separate allegations of illegal logging, in the state's central highlands near Toolangi, starts next week.

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Alleged Breach 0502 Failure re Sustainability Charter Objective 2

Failure to ‘Maintain and improve the capacity of forest ecosystems to produce wood and non-wood products’ as required in Objective 2 of the Sustainability Charter 2006 (Vic) (“Charter”)

Our Reference: Alleged Breach #502

Current status - waiting response from VicForests

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Timber auditor axes operations

Ben Butler

The Age

September 12, 2011

THE ORGANISATION that gives a green tick to some of Australia's biggest timber and paper companies has voluntarily suspended most of its operations after a bruising stoush with environment groups over its approval of paper brand Reflex.

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Just 1% of central highlands old growth survives

Adam Morton

The Age

September 12, 2011

BEFORE European settlement up to 80 per cent of the wet eucalyptus forest of Victoria's central highlands was old-growth mountain ash, with trees taller than 90 metres towering above the landscape.

According to research published in US journal the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the old-growth is nearly gone and on the verge of being unrecoverable.

The paper says decades of logging and frequent bushfire have reduced the area of old-growth to about 2000 hectares - 1.2 per cent of the forest area north-east of Healesville.

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Reflex loses environmental certification

Leslie White |  September 1, 2011

The Weekly Times Now

UPDATE: RURAL jobs could be at stake after Australia's largest brand of copy paper no longer has an environmental certification.

Reflex copy paper, manufactured by Australia's biggest mill near Traralgon, is no longer certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

The loss of the certification centres around Reflex's use of native forest woodchip.

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Repeated logging breaches go unpenalised, says report

Ben Cubby

July 28, 2011

The Age

THE rules governing logging in the state's forests are being systematically broken, a new report produced by the Environmental Defender's Office of NSW says.

It identifies dozens of breaches of environmental laws in native forests on the north and south coasts but notes that relatively few fines are being handed (to) contractors employed by Forests NSW, a state government agency.

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