Alleged and actual breaches by VicForests, DSE and Logging Contractors in Victoria

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Secret export of sawlogs destroys native forests, betrays Victorian communities

It is not illegal to log Native Forests in Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, or Western Australia and since there is no demand here in Australia whole logs are being shipped to China.

Thousands of tonnes of high-quality sawlogs from Victoria’s bushfire-devastated Central Highlands forests (near Healesville) are being secretly shipped to China, against state government policy, The Wilderness Society has revealed.

“Whole sawlogs have never been exported from Victoria before, the practice has always been banned to protect Australian jobs in the local timber industry” said The Wilderness Society’s Victorian Campaigns Manager Richard Hughes. Read More

Rare possum 'in trouble'

Adam Carey

The Age

July 23, 2011

LOGGING has begun in native forest north-east of Melbourne that environmentalists claim is home to the endangered Leadbeater's possum.

VicForests, the Victorian government's commercial forestry arm, began logging 19 hectares of forest at Sylvia Creek Road in the Toolangi State Forest yesterday.

The Department of Sustainability and Environment has been ''rechecking'' the logging coupe this week, following protests by anti-logging groups, to see that it is not home to the Leadbeater's possum. The small marsupial is endemic to Victoria's central highlands and is believed to number fewer than 1000.

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DSE Alleged Non-Compliance Report Form

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VicForests Alleged Breach #0229 logging of Leadbeaters habitat Zone1B in 2008

Blowhard Road Alleged breach logging of Leadbeaters Habitat in 2008 read more

Stray Logging Fires Burn Nestboxes Article - Age 2004

Nest Box

Logging Fires burn nest boxes set up for Leadbeaters possum in the Maroondah catchment.

Secret log exports exposed

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Amy Hume
THE Wilderness Society has called on the Victorian ombudsman for an independent investigation into the proposed secret export of whole sawlogs from state forests in the Central Highlands region.

An investigation by The Wilderness Society and My Environment revealed tens of thousands of hardwood sawlogs from bushfire affected forests, including the Mount Disappointment State Forest, are secretly being shipped to China against State Government policy.

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Call for inquiry as salvaged wood exported

Josh Gordon

June 20, 2011

THE Ombudsman has been asked to investigate VicForests for allowing thousands of tonnes of wood salvaged from the Black Saturday bushfires to be exported to China in breach of a government contract.

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#201 - Logging of Stream (Toolangi, Victoria)

300-901-0008 trp

Breach Description: Damage to stream with running water. It has been logged with excessive roads and there has been damage to tree ferns.  Current status - under investigation by the DSE

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VicForests alleged breach #0230 Logging of Leadbeaters Zone 1A habitat

Alleged Breach #0230 logging of ANU Leadbeaters Monitoring site read more

Royston Range Iron Pipe Coupe

VicForests log Leadbeaters possum habitat read more