Alleged and actual breaches by VicForests, DSE and Logging Contractors in Victoria

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Yea Link Road

Yea Link Road Proposed logging

VicForests Alleged Breach #0228 Logging of Leadbeaters Zone 1B habitat in2006

Allegations with scientific report as evidence that VicForests Logged Leadbeaters possum in 2006 Read More

Alleged Breach #501 VicForests Failure in their Sustainability Charter Objective 1

This is the major alleged breach in relation to the wide spread management failure by VicForests to protect biodiversity especially in relation to the Sates endangered  faunal emblem the Leadbeaters Possum. Read More

VicForests operations condemned

The Age, Ben Butler, February 23, 2011

THE government-owned company that logs Victoria's native forests is running out of timber, has failed to keep track of how much forest is left to log and cannot manage its costs, a damning Treasury report has found.

VicForests has also twice breached Department of Sustainability and Environment rules by logging too much and its backlog of forest that needs replanting has nearly tripled, according to the report by forestry expert URS.

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Flaws in surveying permit logging in protected forests

THE NSW state government has accidentally allowed illegal logging in old growth forests for years, a study commissioned by the environment department has found.

The study suggests up to 8500 hectares of forests, many of which contained vulnerable native animal and plant species, may have been approved for logging in the past few years when they should have been preserved.

''The implementation of old-growth is highly variable and problematic and has apparently resulted in some areas of old-growth being potentially available for harvest,'' the report by Aerial Acquisitions says.

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State-owned VicForests logging firm 'non-viable'

TAXPAYERS have been forced to fund a multimillion-dollar bailout of VicForests, with severe financial pressure putting the future of the government-owned company that logs state forests under a cloud.

VicForests' operations are now being reviewed by the new Liberal-National coalition government, which says it will explore ''all management options'' for the Victorian native timber industry.

Set up by the former Labor government six years ago, VicForests bled out more than $16 million in cash over the the 2009-10 financial year.

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#204 Logging of Pre-1900 Tree # 919 (Toolangi, Victoria)

919 pre 1900

Breach Description:

#204 Logging of a tree over 100 years old. 

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#209 Logging of Pre-1900 Tree #917 (Toolangi, Victoria)

Tree # 917

Breach Description:

#209 Logging of a tree over 100 years old tree #917.  Current status

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Re Breach #508 Armstrong Water Catchment Logging Case Study

The report below finds the following minimum standards breached in the Armstrong:

Alleged Breach 508.1 Unlawful closed season catchment logging
Alleged Breach 508.2 Hygiene procedures ignored by VicForests including defecation in closed catchment

Alleged Breach 508.3 No audits on compliance with the Code of Forest Practices for 3 years. This will run over 5 ‘auditless’ years as the next audit will be run exclusively in East Gippsland.

Alleged Breach 508.4 (SKM) note that no scientific studies establishing the ‘safety’ of logging in water supply have been conducted. Will it be a case of innocent until proven guilty, that is, wait for an outbreak before we establish the safety of logging?

Alleged Breach 508.5 Scientific assessments (BAER Report) recommending the exclusion of logging in the Armstrong Creek catchment after the 2009 bushfires IGNORED

Alleged Breach 508.6 No application of the precautionary principle to prevent logging threats.
Alleged Breach 508.7 Logging slopes in excess of 25 degrees

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Breach #208 Landing operations and hauling in wet weather (Toolangi, Victoria)

rainfall data 16th June

Breach Description:

Log trucks loading and operating in wet weather 13th and 16th June 2010

Current status - Under investigation by the DSE

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