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Alleged and actual breaches by VicForests, DSE and Logging Contractors in Victoria

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Greens hail win on logging

ENVIRONMENTALISTS are claiming a landmark victory after the Supreme Court upheld a ban on logging of old-growth forest in hotly disputed parts of East Gippsland. By Adam Morton The Age August 12 2010

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$50 million dollar Fuel Breaks - And how did they perform on Feb 7?


fireline final2

A precautionary measure or a political stunt? The jury is out on whether this fuel break is anything more than timber grab?

The question now - Were these $50 million timber hauling exercises useful in protecting human life? Were the other 21 options on the list for government fire proofing investment more sensible, but perhaps less timber beneficial?

Who's asking the questions of government? $50 million for 600 kilometres of cleared forest and not a single reference to their usefulness.

Did the Government choose safety or political pantomime with a timber bonus?

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Forests NSW accused of breaching licence 50 times

THE State Government is investigating a logging operation overseen by its own authority, Forests NSW, that allegedly involved the destruction of native animal habitat and more than 50 breaches of its licence conditions.

BEN CUBBY- The Sydney Morning Herald

January 13, 2010
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