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Stakeholder Engagement

MyEnvironment Inc together with other local groups and community members have submitted concerns about logging to VicForest’s  via the annual Timber Release Planning (TRP) process.  Meaningful stakeholder engagement is part of the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) requirements – a certification that allows VicForests and its customers to make claims of sustainability.  After receiving formal complaints about VicForests consultation process their auditor SAI Global conducted  a special audit and found  that VicForests stakeholder consultation process is “very satisfactory" and said that "VicForests put considerable time and resources into managing complaints”.  In a recent survey at a community meeting in Toolangi  however, of the 42 people who had formally submitted concerns none of them were satisfied with the consultation process nor felt that their concerns had been considered in the planning process.

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VicForests 2010 TRP Submission

VicForests 2011 TRP Submission


The reasons why the 2011 TRP proposal is a breach of the law and no coupe should be approved across Victoria

1. Regional Forest Agreements. 1

2. Sustainable Yields. 2

3. LAW: 3

4. MAHP—monitoring of annual harvesting. 10

5. STATE FOREST PLANNING Forest Management Plans. 10

6. Comprehensive Adequate & Representative Reserve (CAR). 12

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Timber Release Plan Consultation Process

Given high levels of community dissatisfaction with VicForests consultation process we suggest that community groups do not write to VicForests in relation to the Timber Release Plans and stakeholder consultation but rather send your detailed concerns to the Federal Minister Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries and CC the DSE. From our experience VicForests will only use your submission as a tick box that they have received community support for the changes and do nothing. Read More