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Forest Resources

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VicForests’ Relies on Loans and Over-states Equity to Conceal Poor Performance


VicForests, the state government’s native-forest logging agency, has incurred cash losses of $22.2 million since it commenced operating in 2004, says a new report, commissioned by volunteer group Healesville Environment Watch Inc. (HEWI). This equates to $1.50 for each cubic metre of wood (pulp and saw logs) it has sold. The report was conducted by the New Economics Advisory Service of the Australian Conservation Foundation. It involved examination of the company’s cash flows and balance sheets published in its Annual Financial Reports

2009 TRP additions - no consultation

A letter confirming more green forest added to Timber Release Plans

Department of Primary Industry Job Report 2010

A summary of jobs in the logging industry in Victoria.

  1. In 2010 - 2640 people are employed across Victoria in native forestry growing and services to forestry and primary processing sector.

Certificate of Contribution to Case


Please download this certificate if you have made a contribution, financial or otherwise, to the court case for Victoria's faunal emblem - the Leadbeater's (fairy) Possum.

Great Forest Tours


Tours into tallest flowering forests in the world - home to the endangered Leadbeater’s possums and view the Three Stories/ Zoo's Vic Xtinction exhibition.

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Law institute review of MyEnvironment case to Walsh

23. The range of laws, plans and agreements that regulate logging in Victoria's Central Highlands
do not adequately protect the habitat of the Leadbeater's Possum. It is vital that the Victorian
government urgently review the relevant law and take action as soon as possible to save this
emblematic species.

24. As we have outlined, this action can be achieved by:
• reviewing the CAR Reserve system in light of the 2009 Victorian bushfires and
implementing a scheme to adapt to material changes in Victorian forests;
• conducting a zoning review of the Central Highlands to include any Leadbeater's Possum
habitat within the special protection zone;
• updating the Leadbeater's Possum Action Statement to include more appropriate
protections for the species;
• considering the use of critical habitat determinations and interim protection orders to
protect Leadbeater's Possum habitat; and
• amending the Sustainable Forests (Timber) Act 2004 (Vic) to more appropriately reflect
conservation aims.

25. Please contact Rachele Troup and Leanne Olden, of the Young Lawyers Law Reform Committee
( if you would like to discuss or require further information.

Illegal logging prohibition Act 2012

The Illegal Logging Prohibition Act 2012 promotes the purchase and sale of legally logged timber products in Australia and gives consumers and businesses greater certainty about the legality of the timber products they buy.

The Act restricts the importation and sale of illegally logged timber in Australia in the following ways:

  • Placing a prohibition on importing illegally logged timber and timber products.
  • Placing a prohibition on processing domestically grown raw logs that have been illegally logged.
  • Establishing offences and penalties, including up to five years imprisonment, for the importation or processing of prohibited products.
  • Establishing comprehensive monitoring and investigation powers to enforce the above requirements of the Act.

There is now a high-level prohibition in place on:

  • importing timber and timber products containing illegally logged timber
  • processing Australian raw logs that have been illegally logged.

In November 2014, regulations that outline the operational framework for importers and processors will come into effect, including due diligence processes and a detailed list of products that will be subject to the regulations. The government will table the regulations before the end of May 2013, 18 months before they come into effect, to allow industry sufficient time to establish due diligence systems and processes.

Penalties are at the discretion of a court; the maximum penalties that may be applied are:

  • five years imprisonment, and/or
  • $55 000 for an individual, and/or
  • $275 000 for a corporation or body corporate.

LBP Action statement vs CHFMP

According the to Leadbeaters Possum Action Statement the intended Management Actions contained within it provide the necessary directions and options for the conservation of Leadbeaters's Possum, and the management of the forest estate will be determined by relevant area management plans which take into account economic, social and other environmental considerations.  Intended actions in this Statement should be incorporated in forest mangement plans ...

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources interpreted the above statement to mean that they could not only choose which intended actions but could modify and edit the intended actions.

However the Code of forest practices states that there must be consistency between the Forest Management Plan and the Action Statement.

Furthermore the LBP Action statement is the more recently reviewed document and therefore takes precedence.

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Saving Mt St Leonard


Saving Mt St Leonard - an account of the community battle by local forest ecologist Bernard Mace

RFA Media Release

The 1998 media release from the signing of the Regional Forest Agreements

RFA Media.pdf (780.96 kB)