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Forest Resources

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Regeneration of Wet Forest flora a decade after clear-felling or wildfire - is there a difference?

This paper presents the results from a comparative study of natural and managed forest regeneration in Eucalyptus regnans F.Muell dominated forests in the Victorian Central Highlands. Read More

Salvage logging has started - what are the environmental effects?

The salvage logging/green logging is an industry practice following fire events – on top of current allocations they go into burnt-out forest and clear-fell with no A grade logs and 50-80% going to wood chip. The animals that have lost their source of food also lose their homes and future homes.

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Failings of the Audit of Native Forests on Public Land

The current forest Audit program is being extended following a review of the forest Audit program by SKM. One of the key recommendations of the review was that the forest Audit program focus more heavily on planning element of the process.

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Victorian Code of Forest Practice

In the face of an environmental catastrophe fuelled by industry self regulation that would have destroyed Australia’s “clean green image” and Australia’s reputation on the international timber market, in 1989 almost 200 years after the first tree fell by the saw the Victorian Parliament ratified the first code of forest practices for timber production in Native forests. Unfortunately the best intentions of the Parliament in 1989 have been manipulated to condemn our endangered species over wood chipping and are fast destroying Australia’s International environmental reputation.

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Choosing a Future for Victoria's Forests

On 7th September 2006 MyEnvironment , along with other members of the Victorian Forest Alliance, released detailing a plan for Victoria's forests that spells a brighter future for our wildlife, air and water, while also offering a comprehensive transition strategy for the logging industry.

The report details specific areas across eastern Victoria that require immediate protection. The document is underpinned by sound economics and strong science. Read More

Baw Baw Report

bawbaw report

This report, commissioned by MyEnvironment Inc, outlines the discovery of an extraordinary and deplorable abuse of bureaucratic power to serve the interests of the Victorian logging industry, a pulp mill and the jobs of the state bureaucrats whose existence is predicated on the continued logging and wood chipping of the state’s native forests.

This report shows that the Regional Forest Agreements (RFA's) and the mechanism in place to enforce them are failing to protect endangered species. It offers a compelling reason why the Regional Forest Agreements should no longer be exempted by Section 38 of the EPBC Act. Read more