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Update and backgound on the Ethical Paper Campaign

Nippon Paper are owners of Australian Paper.  They source approximately 20% of their fiber from VicForests who obtain their raw materials from Victoria's native forests.  There is so much wrong with VicForests practices its difficult to know where to start but this two page summary at least gives a good back ground to the origins of the community concerns and the resulting ethical paper campaign.

Ethical Paper Background

Ethical Paper - A detailed white paper of the ethics surrounding VicForests

2010 TRP Submission - Time Out!

A summary of issues requesting a review into practices post Black Saturday.

VicForests 2011 TRP Submission


The reasons why the 2011 TRP proposal is a breach of the law and no coupe should be approved across Victoria

1. Regional Forest Agreements. 1

2. Sustainable Yields. 2

3. LAW: 3

4. MAHP—monitoring of annual harvesting. 10

5. STATE FOREST PLANNING Forest Management Plans. 10

6. Comprehensive Adequate & Representative Reserve (CAR). 12

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Monitoring of Annual Harvesting Performance

Monitoring Annual Harvesting Performance (MAHP) was a former government initiative to ensure that commercial timber harvesting operations are undertaken in Victoria’s State forests on a sustainable basis.

The recent MAHP outlined breaches by VicForests to the allocation areas. VicForests has over logged 305.4 hectares according to exceptions reports prepared by VicForests

DSE Mountain Ash File

A chart that shows how much original Mountain Ash forest remains unburnt and unlogged. A meagre 1.2%

RFA Review

A summary of the Final report on the RFA's in Victoria

FSC Article - Fifth Estate

A summary of the challenges facing third party wood certification in Australia.

FSC Woodmarks Ass. Findings

VicForests failure to attain FSC accreditation summary from Woodmark.

State of The Forest Report 2008 DSE

The Victorian Governments State of the Forests Report 2008