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The VAGO audit of DSE and VicForests

The Victorian Auditor Generals Report on the Audit of DSE and VicForests. Despite being planned for 7 years, Treasurer John Lenders, wrangled it out of an election year and claimed the Timber Industry Strategy report was going to cover the same ground. It did not. VAGO's audit would have revealed that current forest operations are NOT sustainable. The TIS assesment gave the government an internal view of the problems facing the financial woes plaguing VicForests (not for public release), unlike the VAGO audit.

VAGO Audit decline letter

A letter received by invitees to the audit of VicForests and The DSE declining engagement.

VicForests Failed FSC application Assessment

This paper aims to provide preliminary public feedback following the evaluation of

VicForests against FSC Principles and Criteria by Woodmark Soil Association.

DPI - Criterion 7 - SOFR 2008

A summary of gaps in Victoria's ability to measure sustainability in forestry.

URS Treasury Report VicForests 2010

Timber Industry Strategy Review by the Department of Treasury and finance 2010 - for VicForests

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Submissions are due for the Federal Government Timber Industry Inquiry this Friday, 25th March, 2011!

Submission are due for the Federal Government Timber Industry Inquiry this Friday, 25th March, 2011.  Even a one line submission online if you can.  Other submissions can be read under "Submissions" page.

Here is MyEnvironments submission

Inquiry into the Australian forestry industry

On 7 February 2011 the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry asked the Committee to undertake an inquiry into the Australian forestry industry.

The Committee invites interested persons and organisations to make submissions addressing the terms of reference by Friday 25 March 2011.

Terms of reference


Public hearings

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A tree hollow dynamics simulation model

A tree hollow dynamics simulation model
I.R. Balla,*, D.B. Lindenmayerb, H.P. Possinghamc
aDepartment of Applied Mathematics, The University of Adelaide, Adelaide, SA 5005, Australia
bCentre for Resource and Environmental Studies, The Australian National University, Canberra, ACT 0200, Australia
cDepartment of Environmental Science, The University of Adelaide, Roseworthy Campus, Roseworthy, SA 5371, Australia
Accepted 7 January 1999

A tree hollow dynamics simulation model sdarticle3.pdf 331.37 kB

BAER logging overlay

BAER LOGGING OVERLAY MAP - Logging of the habitat of the Barred Galaxias and the Leadbeaters Possum. This mapping was hidden from the public until 2010 when MyEnvironment Inc. was leaked a copy, the DSE will provide it to members of the public NOW if they ring up. We, however, believe everyone should have access to the data our taxes pay for.