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Law institute review of MyEnvironment case to Walsh

23. The range of laws, plans and agreements that regulate logging in Victoria's Central Highlands
do not adequately protect the habitat of the Leadbeater's Possum. It is vital that the Victorian
government urgently review the relevant law and take action as soon as possible to save this
emblematic species.

24. As we have outlined, this action can be achieved by:
• reviewing the CAR Reserve system in light of the 2009 Victorian bushfires and
implementing a scheme to adapt to material changes in Victorian forests;
• conducting a zoning review of the Central Highlands to include any Leadbeater's Possum
habitat within the special protection zone;
• updating the Leadbeater's Possum Action Statement to include more appropriate
protections for the species;
• considering the use of critical habitat determinations and interim protection orders to
protect Leadbeater's Possum habitat; and
• amending the Sustainable Forests (Timber) Act 2004 (Vic) to more appropriately reflect
conservation aims.

25. Please contact Rachele Troup and Leanne Olden, of the Young Lawyers Law Reform Committee
( if you would like to discuss or require further information.