Monitoring of Annual Harvesting Performance

Logging adjacent Maroondah Catchments

Monitoring Annual Harvesting Performance (MAHP) was a former government initiative to ensure that commercial timber harvesting operations are undertaken in Victoria’s State forests on a sustainable basis.

The recent MAHP outlined breaches by VicForests to the allocation areas. VicForests has over logged 305.4 hectares according to exceptions reports prepared by VicForests

The MAHP has been undertaken annually by the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE or the department) to monitor the level of commercial sawlog harvesting undertaken in Victoria’s State forests. This is the seventh year that the report has been prepared and will be the last report of its kind. Key information provided by MAHP will now be collected and reported through the Forest Audit Program.

The 2008-09 MAHP report provides a state-wide summary based on DSE harvest records and individual Forest Management Area (FMA) MAHP technical reports.

The recent MAHP outlined breaches by VicForests to the allocation areas. VicForests has over logged 305.4 hectares according to exceptions reports prepared by VicForests.The common reason cited for the breeches were inconsistent mapping and a lack of forest history data. VicForest were fined for logging 87 hectares, however the larger the remaining 218.4 hectares has not been adressed. The value of 300 hectares of forests could be as high as $15 million dollars in stolen resource. The fine that Vicforests paid was $220,000 for 87 hectares of over logging was around 2% of the forest value.

Hardly a disincentive. See for yourself and download the reports

The Exceptions Reports: