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Our Disappearing Forests Presentations Videos

If you missed the Our Disappearing Forests Meeting in Healesville in June you can now view the videos

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 Steve Meacher (MC & Healesville Environment Watch)

Cr. Jeanette McRae (Ryrie Ward, Yarra Ranges Council)

Cr. Samantha Dunn (Lyster Ward, Yarra Ranges Council)

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Bernard Mace (Save Mt St Leonard)

Luke Chamberlain (The Wilderness Society)

Adam Menary (MyEnvironment Inc)

Jill Sanguinetti (Local resident)

native forest logging accountability and structure

Results of Online Survey

Thank you to the 98 attendees that completed survey (approximately 30% of attendees)  making these results highly representative.

Results from the online survey:

question 1 respons

63% have reconsidered their state and/or federal vote

question 2 responses

76% Support a boycott campaign against brands that use native forest wood supply

question 3 responses

90.8% support the immediate transition to plantations and 72.4% want an end to all native forests logging

question 4 response

91.8% want the Central Highlands forest estate to be managed for Biodiversity, 90.8% wildlife refugia

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Healesville Meeting 01

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Over 300 concerned residents from Healesville, Kinglake, Toolangi, Marysville and surrounds packed the Healesville Memorial Hall to capacity last Thursday night. Attendees heard presentations from local community groups about logging and its impact on our native forests and regional economies

Media Following the Event

VicForest charge

VicForest charge

A PRELIMINARY hearing into claims VicForests has illegally logged Leadbeater’s possum habitat in Toolangi will be heard at Ringwood Magistrates’ Court in August.
Research group The Fauna and Flora Research Collective has brought criminal charges against the State Government’s forestry arm in what the collective and local environment groups are hailing as a “landmark legal case”.

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VicForests accused of felling old-growth mountain ash

THE Victorian government's forestry arm will face a legal challenge over claims it illegally logged old-growth forest and increased the risk to a threatened species.

Environmental groups accuse VicForests of felling dozens of pre-1900 ash eucalypts, breaching the Central Highlands Forest Management Plan.

The Age June 29, 2010 Adam Morton

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Call for the chop

Call for the chop

A CALL for VicForests to be disbanded was given overwhelming support at a public meeting in Healesville last week.
So too were calls for logging to cease on Mt St Leonard, for the Department of Sustainability and Environment to be made more accountable for logging audits and breaches of the logging code and for a community rally as a show of strength within the broader community for major reforms to the logging of native forests.

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Council calls for stop to native logging in Yarra Ranges

Council calls for stop to native logging in Yarra Ranges

YARRA Ranges Council is putting its weight behind a community push to stop native forest logging within the shire.

At a packed meeting on June 23, residents from Toolangi and Healesville heard from council representatives and environmental lobby and conservation groups.

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native forest logging accountability and structure

Action: In your own handwriting, write letters to the following members of parliament asking for an immediate end to native forest logging


Action: email the following people asking for an immediate end to native forest logging



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