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One Stop Chop

The Environment Defenders Offices and Lawyers for Forests have just published a new report titled “One Stop Chop: How Regional Forest Agreements streamline environmental destruction.”  It provides a detailed legal review of the 15 year history of Regional Forest Agreements (RFAs). It was developed on behalf of a coalition of environmental groups and was released on Wednesday 31st July.

Regional Forest Agreements (RFAs) are 20-year agreements giving native forest logging operations a purpose-built legal and environmental management regime that applies to no other activity. They are in force in four states.

The report shows that State Governments have failed to manage precious forests and wildlife to the standard that would have been required if they had remained under Commonwealth control; Regional Forest Agreements should be scrapped; and moves to hand Commonwealth environmental protection powers to States should be abandoned once and for all.

Appeal transcript

The transcript from MyEnvironment -v- VicForests Appeal.

VAGO Letter DR Frost

With the proceeding of the Sustainable Forests and Timber Act Bill it is of critical importance that the state government's logging enterprise VicForests is subject to major audit and those findings be made public. The company has not been subject to a major audit since inception in 2004. The negligence of the current government to allow for the divesting of government oversight and regulations, at the behest of industry players like AFPA, to VicForests is highly contentious. VicForests could be argued to be insolvent as they have failed to pay a dividend to Victorians since 2006/07.

The development of public policy to serve business (logging) rather than community needs like fire safety (logging increases fire risk in forests), water security and fiscally prudent low risk forest management, is highly unorthodox. It is imperative that a major audit is available on the logging enterprise before Victoria's critical water infrastructure (our forested catchments) are handed over for uncapped third-party contracts in our precious drinking water.

LFF SFTA Review Submission

Lawyers For Forests submission in the review of the Sustainable Timber Act 2012

20121004103331588.pdf (395.54 kB)

Save Sylvia Appeal

A summary of the Appeal and associated opinion pieces and related stories.

Save Sylvia Supreme Court Case



Legal Case:  Under state and federal legislation, VicForests must assess forests before logging to check if the area meets ‘zoning’ requirements for endangered species including the Leadbeater’s possum. The basis of our claim is that VicForests did not undertake adequate pre-logging surveys prior to logging in an area that we claim meets Leadbeater’s habitat and therefore should not have been logged. MyEnvironment Inc. is questioning the application of the precautionary principle.

For more details on the case click here

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