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Save Sylvia Appeal

A summary of the Appeal and associated opinion pieces and related stories.


Document outline for the Appeal

Environment Defenders Office Summary

myenvironment story

On 14 March 2012, environment group MyEnvironment lost their Supreme Court case against Vicforests.  

The Court rejected their argument, made on their behalf by their lawyers Bleyer Lawyers and barristers Kristin Walker and Emrys Nekvapil, that Vicforests ought not be able to log forests at Toolangi that are habitat for the critically endangered Leadbeaters Possum.  The case’s many supporters will no doubt be disappointed with the final decision, however they can be reassured that the case was not in vain.

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What it's all about

brown and blue

MyEnvironment Inc with its many members and supporters, have been successful in raising $30,000 to pay security for costs to VicForests in order to proceed with the recently approved appeal.

The challenge to prove that VicForests DO HAVE an obligation to protect endangered species under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act (FFG) is a critically important test that we are seeking by the appeal.

VicForests won on their contest that they can log FFG recognised habitat for the endangered Leadbeater's Possum - Victoria's faunal emblem. This has meant the survival of the species cannot be 'guaranteed' under the FFG Act.

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Appeal Hearing Transcript

Appeal hearing

" Given that the judge below found the appellant to be acting bona fide, and that its grounds of appeal are not suggested to be unarguable, and given moreover that if the appellant were correct in its contentions, there would be a significant public interest in the appellant succeeding, I consider that the usual approach for security for costs should be relaxed a little."

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