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Day 6 - MyEnvironment v VicForests Transcript Monday 13 02 2012

VicForests had insisted on an opportunity to cross-examine John Stein of the Fenner School at ANU, who had revised maps tendered by Professor Lindenmayer last week. As a result, John had flown down from Canberra yesterday and was first in the witness box this morning. It took only a short time to establish that he had created maps in accordance with instructions from Professor Lindenmayer.

Most of the rest of the morning was spent on the issue of the evidence of Dr Schirmer, to which My Environment had objected. After presentations from both sides, Justice Osborn adjourned to consider the issue over the lunch break.

On returning to court, Justice Osborn explained that he agreed to hear parts of Dr Schirmer's evidence relating to the three Toolangi coupes but agreed with the plaintiff's submissions regarding the lack of relevance of 166 other coupes over 3 Forest Management Areas which VicForests had described as similar. "They are not sufficiently similar," he concluded.

The hearing then continued with the evidence-in-chief of Lachlan Spencer from VicForests followed by cross-examination, which was continuing when the court rose at 4:18 pm.