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Defendant's Exhibits

The Defendant's exhibits from the court case

Exhibit List

The list of items in the public exhibit.

Exhibit List.pdf (49.78 kB)

Report of the Board of Inquiry

Timber Industry Inquiry 1985

1.pdf (1.62 MB)

Letter from DSE Kylie White

A formal letter to VicForests, just prior to the case hearing, stating that DSE considers the definition of Leadbeater's habitat to be 'mature and senescent' hollow tree's.

2.pdf (2.28 MB)

Second Affidavit - Vanessa Bleyer

3.pdf (662.97 kB)

Correspondance between J. Cop and D. Lindenmayer

An email discussing Leadbeater's possum presence in the Toolangi area.

4.pdf (117.08 kB)

Maps and Photo's - from J. Cop affidavit

4 2.pdf (612.43 kB)

Letter from Prof. Lindenmayer on behalf of LBP Recovery Team

A letter from Professor Lindnemayer delivering the latest scientific findings on the state of the forests. This letter was sent to the Minister for Agriculture Peter Walsh and later was produced for the case. The court heard that this letter was sent by request of the DSE Leadbeater's Recovery Team.

5.pdf (174.78 kB)

Professor Lindenmayer's Witness Report - unedited

Expert Witness Materials - includes edits from the ANU research team

6.pdf (5.10 MB)

Letter of Instruction - Dr Schirmer

8 1.PDF (88.66 kB)

Supplementary Report - Dr Jaqueline Schirmer

8 2.PDF (652.36 kB)