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VAGO Letter DR Frost

With the proceeding of the Sustainable Forests and Timber Act Bill it is of critical importance that the state government's logging enterprise VicForests is subject to major audit and those findings be made public. The company has not been subject to a major audit since inception in 2004. The negligence of the current government to allow for the divesting of government oversight and regulations, at the behest of industry players like AFPA, to VicForests is highly contentious. VicForests could be argued to be insolvent as they have failed to pay a dividend to Victorians since 2006/07.

The development of public policy to serve business (logging) rather than community needs like fire safety (logging increases fire risk in forests), water security and fiscally prudent low risk forest management, is highly unorthodox. It is imperative that a major audit is available on the logging enterprise before Victoria's critical water infrastructure (our forested catchments) are handed over for uncapped third-party contracts in our precious drinking water.