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Water Resources

Logging in the Thompson Catchment

logging of thompson

Logging is having a dramatic effect on our domestic water supply - but the only people paying for it are the tax payers.

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Senate Inquiry into Rural Water Resource Usage

Senate Inquiry into Rural Water Resource Usage

Due 11th March 2003

The Terms of Reference for this inquiry are:

  1. current rural industry based water resource usage;
  2. options for optimising water resource usage for sustainable agriculture;
  3. other matters of relevance that the committee may wish to inquire into and comment on that may arise during the course of the inquiry, including the findings and recommendations from other inquiries relevant to any of the issues in these terms of reference.
  4. the Committee to make its report to the Senate on this matter by the last sitting day in 2003.

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The Legacy Book



A visually stunning publication highlighting unprotected areas throughout Victoria’s watersheds many of which are under immediate threat from logging. Read More